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1. What's Ray Luca's wife's name?
2. Whose life story inspired him to co-create the series? He also worked with Dennis Farina when Farina was a Chicago policeman.
3. Who is the old Jewish mobster with the Yiddish accent whom Luca loves like a father? Extra credit: Which real-life mobster is he based on? More extra credit: Who played him and what's his most famous role?
4. True or false: Alec Baldwin appeared on the show.
5. What does Krychek's girlfriend do for a living? Extra credit: What is her name?
6. In the last episodes what year and what time of year is it?
7. In the last three episodes in which country did Torello and his men track down Luca?
8. What semi-famous person played the Strike Force's boss, Halahan?
9. Whose death first sets Torello off against Luca and grieves him so much he cries?
10. What was the highest medal Torello earned in the Korean War?
11. What was the name of the defecting Soviet fighter pilot and who did he want to meet more than anybody else?
12. Who was the Luca sidekick who later had a singing career on the Vegas stage?
13. Who was the local mob boss in Chicago whom Luca eventually outranks and kills?
14. What Chicago neighborhood is Torello from?
15. Luca's supposed to be from Chicago too but Anthony Denison is obviously not. What's the giveaway?
16. What was Abrams' father's name (nickname)?
17. Who was the love of Abrams' life, who played her and why was the affair controversial in the early 1960s?
18. What's Max Goldman's wife's name and who did she sleep with?
19. Who was Torello's friend from childhood and how did he die?
20. What kind of car is the standard unmarked Chicago police car in the early episodes?
21. What famous jazz musician had a cameo on the show?
22. What ethnicity are both Danny Krychek and Julie Torello? (What language do they speak?) Hint: There are lots of them in Chicago.
23. Besides the theme song, what other Del Shannon song was played on the show once, in its entirety?
24. Before he became an actor, what kind of criminal was John Santucci?
25. You'll have to Google this one. Art imitated life: how did two main actors on the show meet years before?